Confrontation between inmates leaves 13 dead in Ecuador penitentiary

Familiares de detentos aguardam informações em frente a presídio durante rebelião em Guayaquil, em novembro: desde 2020, confrontos entre grupos que lutam pelo controle das prisões provocaram mais de 400 mortes
Family members of detainees await information in front of the prison during the rebellion in Guayaquil, in November: since 2000 , clashes between groups fighting for control of prisons caused more than 540 deaths | Photo: EFE/Juan Diego Montenegro

At least 13 people died and two others were injured this Monday (1100 ) during a fight between inmates at a penitentiary in the city of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador, according to the National Service for Integral Attention (SNAI) to Private Persons de Liberdade.1821562418215624 The SNAI also informed that, with the help of police and the Armed Forces, managed to regain control of the prison, while the Public Ministry launched investigations into the victims’ deaths, some allegedly with cruelty, based on images circulating on social networks.

18215624The fight at the Santo Domingo prison is the second since May, when they were reported 44 dead and ten wounded, in addition to more than 400 deaths since 2020 caused by frequent clashes between groups fighting for control of prisons in Ecuador, according to authorities.

18215624In September last year, the government of President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in the penitentiary system to improve social rehabilitation centers and combat overcrowding and violence in prisons.

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