Companies raised Rs 1.7 lakh crore through public offerings | Companies raised Rs 1.7 lakh crore through public offerings

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Ahmedabad 14 days ago

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All of the IPOs performed the best, the number fell, the value rose, and fundraising increased 116 percent during the year. The most popular channel for the fund has been the QAP.

The year 2020 has actually been as tumultuous as 20-20 matches. However, most sectors, including the capital market, the debt-equity market, managed to achieve all the victories. The primary market, which has been sluggish for the first six months of the year, has raised a total of Rs 1.7 lakh crore in the past six months. According to a report from PrimeDatabase, 116% more than last year. Last year Indian companies raised Rs. 82,241 crore and Rs. 62,651 crore was collected. Earlier in 2017, the highest amount of Rs 1,60,032 crore was collected. The IPO also raised funds thanks to a strong response from retail investors, exceptional listings, highest funding through QIP, infrastructure investment fund and real estate investment fund. Banks, NBFCs, and telecommunications companies contributed 84% of fundraising through the PAQ. Given the rapid rise in the market, investors in the IPO market may continue to gain next year.

In 2020 the number of IPOs decreased but the funding value increased
In the current calendar year, a total of 15 companies have raised Rs. 26,611 crore has been collected. Last year 16 companies raised Rs. 12,362 crore was raised. Which shows a decrease in number but an increase of 115% in value. Rs. 10,341 crore were the largest SBI cards. The 14 publicly traded IPOs offer returns ranging from 10% to 100%. Burgerking 131%, Happy Minds 123%, Mrs Bacter’s Food 107%, Root Mobile 86%, Rossari Biotech 75%, Camcon Specialty 72%, Gland Pharma 21%, Mazgaon Dock 19%, Computer Edge Management Services 14% and Liquor 14% . Give a percentage of return.

The proportion of rights issues has increased rapidly
In 2020, the Rs of Reliance Industries. With a large rights issue of Rs 53,124 crore, a total of Rs. A fundraising of Rs 64,984 crore was recorded. Through the issue of rights, Rs. 52,053 crore against Rs. 64,984 crore was collected. In terms of numbers, the number of businesses rose 48 percent to 20.

5-year rights issue status

Year Issue rights Issue size 2020 206,498420191252.05320181318.8272017216.6392016101.914

Small business IPOs remain slow

The SME IPO segment has been sluggish for the past two years due to negative performance. In 2020, Rs. 27 IPOs of SMEs worth Rs 159 crore took place. In 2019, 51 SMEs raised Rs. 624 crores were collected. While in 2018, a total of 141 SMEs conducted IPOs worth Rs 2,287 crore.

Initial public offering of SMEs

Year Company Issue size 2020 271592019516242018141228720171331679201667537

Most funding through PAQ

A total of 26 companies raised Rs. 84,501 crore. Which last year was Rs. 140 percent more than Rs 35,238 crore. Of the total QIP funding, ICICI Bank received the highest amount (Rs 15,000 crore).

Rs 35,000 crore IPO to take place soon
Given the positive listing of IPOs, a series of IPOs will take place next month. 28 companies have raised Rs. 28,706 crore IPOs have been authorized by SEBI. Seven IPOs valued at 4,410 crore are pending approval. > Pranav Haldia, Managing Director, PrimeDatabase.

Funds collected on the primary market over the past 3 years

Year IPO (SME) FPOQIP InvITs / ReITs OFSchool202026770150248450129715214581,77,468201912,985113523880082599982,241201833,246-1558731451067262,651

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