Colorado launches From Leme to Pontal, with guava and even sale on Spotify – Full Glass

Probably if you say out loud that “from the rudder to the tip, there is nothing like it”, you are lucky to hear in return “I have guaraná, cashew juice; guava for dessert ”. And isn’t it that the success of the great Tim Maia has now inspired a beer?

Colorado, from Ribeirão Preto, launches the Do Leme ao Pontal label. And, surprisingly, he left the guarana and cashew nut aside to use guava as an ingredient in the new summer beer, which has 5% alcohol and only 20 IBU (bitterness scale that exceeds one hundred ), i.e. very little bitterness.

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Cashew, in fact, has not been forgotten. The brand, accustomed to using Brazilian ingredients, has already used the fruit on another label, the white IPA Nassau. Tests with guarana were also done, but guava matched the style better. That’s right, candy. Depending on the brewery, both sweet (guava) and fruit (guava) were used in the formula at different stages of the process. However, don’t expect a pink drink. The new Do Leme ao Pontal is golden and more cloudy.

“Tim Maia is an icon of Brazil and has left a legacy for music lovers. His discography inspires generations and puts the combination of “guaraná, cashew juice and guava” in the popular imagination. For this reason, as a brewery that values ​​Brazilian ingredients and supports national music, we have found the perfect opportunity to honor the artist, ”said Guilherme Poyares, Marketing Director of Colorado.

This isn’t the first time Colorado has paid homage to a song, or a musician, with a record label. Last year, the brand, which belongs to the Ambev group, launched Tropicana, a tribute to “Morena Tropicana”, by Alceu Valença, who used umbu and cajá in the composition.

In the new Do Leme ao Pontal there is still a novelty: it is possible to buy the beer directly through Spotify, through a link that will be available on Tim Maia’s profile in music streaming from Friday (23). You can also buy from Colorado’s online store (link here). in Empório da Cerveja e-commerce and in Bar do Urso, with units located throughout the country.

Now try to guess the next tribute, maybe a “Yes we have bananas” is there …

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