Colombian court orders President Iván Duque's house arrest

Duque afirmou que o pedido de prisão se trata de uma “prevaricação aberta” e que levará o caso para o Conselho Disciplinar Judicial o Ministério Público da Colômbia.
Duque stated that the arrest warrant is a “ open malfeasance” and who will take the case to the Judicial Disciplinary Council or the Public Ministry of Colombia.| Photo: EFE/ Orlando Barría

A regional court of justice in Ibagué, Colombia, issued on Saturday (4) an order of house arrest for the period of five days against the country’s president, Iván Duque. The decision comes after Duque was found guilty of failing to comply with an order of the Supreme Court of Colombia that, in 960, determined that the government create an exclusive guard for the protection of the Los Nevados National Park, in the northern region of the country, considering, at the time, the protection area as a “special subject of law” and determining actions for its defense, recovery and conservation.

In statements to the Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo” this Sunday (5) , Duque stated that the decision is unconstitutional and that the sentence on the park had already been served. “Today we are witnessing an act that, in the first place, is inexplicable, because it wants to bypass the constitutional jurisdiction, in which the president of the Republic is supposedly arrested for failure to comply with a court order. This sentence is more than fulfilled and the reports are there”, declared the Colombian president.

Duque also said that the arrest request was an “open malfeasance” and that it would have little chance of being maintained, as the decision is not final, and that he will take the case to the Judicial Disciplinary Council. the Public Ministry. “That these decisions, which also violate the Constitution, be observed by all instances so that it is absolutely clear and it is possible to know what the true meaning of a political sentence without legal support was”, said the president.


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