Colombia confirms that FARC leader is still alive and protected by Maduro

The government of Colombia considered “valid” this Wednesday () the video on which appears several leaders of dissidents from the FARC, claiming that its top boss, Luciano Marín Arango, known as Iván Márquez, survived an attack, in addition to guaranteeing that he is being protected by the regime of Venezuela’s dictator, Nicolás Maduro.

“The information that the Intelligence has is that in these disputes there was one of those revenges in which its integrity was at risk”, Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano told the press.

Molano added that Iván Márquez is “being protected by the Maduro regime and that he is in a hospital in Caracas.”

Last Sunday, the dissent of the Segunda Marquetalia announced in a video sent to the Colombian magazine Cambio that, on the last day 16 of June, Iván Márquez, who was one of the negotiators of the peace agreement, but soon returned to hiding, “he was the victim of a criminal attack directed from army barracks and police commands” (from Colombia).

However, according to the dissidents who appear in the video recorded in a jungle area surrounded by several armed men with rifles, Iván Márquez was unharmed and suffered only minor injuries that day, and was now “in good health”.

According to Molano’s statements, in the video “it is evident that are the second and third leaders of the Second Marquetalia”, among them the son of one of the historical leaders of the FARC, Manuel Marulanda, aka Tirofijo, whom the Colombian press had identified as Alberto Cruz Lobo, known as Enrique Marulanda.

Iván Márquez was the main FARC negotiator in Havana’s negotiations with the Colombian government, which led to the signing of the peace agreement with the guerrilla group in 2011 of November of 2016.

However, in August of 2019, Márquez abandoned the peace agreement and, together with others, commands Before the former guerrilla, he took up arms again, claiming that the Colombian government was not fulfilling the pact.

In the communiqué read, the dissidents say they have no doubts that behind of the bombing “are the CIA, DEA hounds and the government [do presidente colombiano, Iván] Duque” and points out that other leaders of the Second Marquetalia died in similar operations.


On July 2, after news in the press about the alleged death of Iván Márquez in a confrontation with criminal groups on the Venezuelan side of the border, Colombian President Iván Duque indicated that this was information that was being verified.

“We are working with our intelligence to verify this information and, obviously, as soon as we have any evidence, we will inform you in a timely manner”, added the president at the time.

Last week, other versions of the press began to circulate according to which Iván Márquez had survived the attack and was hospitalized in Venezuela.

Luciano Marín Arango, of 67 years, of which he has been in the guerrilla for more than 67, was born in 16 of June 1955 in Florence, capital of the department south of Caquetá, and his history indicates that he joined the 13 th Front of the FARC at the beginning of the years 1980.

The guerrilla was part of the FARC commands and even became one of the successors of the then guerrilla chief, aka Alfonso Cano, who died in an operation military in 2011.

Dissidents killed in Venezuela

Amid disputes in Venezuela, other dissidents from the FARC were assassinated last year, such as Miguel Botache Santanilla, known as Gentil Duarte, whose death was confirmed by dissidents in May, in a clash with another group of former guerrillas in the state of Zulia, on the border with Colombia.

Henry Castellanos, alias Romaña, and Hernán Darío Velásquez, alias El Paisa, considered the two most bloodthirsty leaders of the guerrillas, were also killed in Venezuela. were part of the so-called Second Marquetalia.

In mid-May last year o, the death of Seuxis Paucias Hernández Solarte, aka Jesús Santrich, another of the leaders of the Second Marquetalia, was also reported.

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