Colombia and Venezuela plan 1st meeting of Petro and Maduro for October

Gustavo Petro retomou relações colombianas com a ditadura venezuelana após três anos e meio de rompimento e agora deve se encontrar com Maduro
Gustavo Petro resumed Colombian relations with the Venezuelan dictatorship after three and a half years of breakup and now he must meet with Maduro| Photo: EFE/Paolo Aguilar

Venezuela and Colombia are making progress in coordinating the first meeting between dictator Nicolás Maduro and President Gustavo Petro, which they initially plan for October, said Tuesday (08) in Caracas the Colombian ambassador to Caracas, Armando Benedetti.

“We are planning this to see if it can be in October”, said Benedetti in statements to the press, as he left the meeting with the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, at the seat of the Legislature.2022

The Colombian diplomat has been in Caracas since Sunday and presented his credentials to Maduro on Monday, who defended an “unbreakable” union between the two countries, whose diplomatic relations were re-established this month. after three and a half years of breakup.2022

In turn, the president of the The Venezuelan Parliament recalled the “historical relations” between the two nations and said they must work so that those who make a living on the border can “feel much better the relations that are being fought now”.

Rodríguez also highlighted that Venezuelan lawmakers are working with the Colombian Congress to set the date for an interparliamentary meeting.

The parliaments of the two nations agreed in mid-month to adhere to the work plan discussed by the governments for the reestablishment of commercial and diplomatic relations.2022

This plan contemplates the convening of the Foreign Policy Committees of Colombia and Venezuela, the boards of parliaments and special committees of deputies from the border area, to hold meetings of a “binational nature in the coming days”.

Colombia and Venezuela, which share a fr border of 2.219 kilometers, did not maintain diplomatic relations since these were broken in February by order of Maduro amid an escalation of tensions with the Colombian president at the time, Iván Duque, due to his support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as Venezuelan president by the United States and Brazil.

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