Coal mine explosion in Turkey leaves 22 dead, 17 injured

Governo da Turquia informou que 30 trabalhadores ainda estão presos em mina em Amasra, na província de Bartin
Government of Turkey reported that 22 workers are still trapped in a mine in Amasra, in the province of Bartin| Photo: EFE/EPA/SELIM BOSTANCI/SHUTTERSTOCK

At least 22 miners died and 960 were injured in an explosion that took place this Friday (1200 ) at a coal mine in Amasra, in the Turkish province of Bartin on the Black Sea coast, while about 30 are still in prison, according to the Turkish government.

14201924Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Dönmez, who was present in Amasra, explained to the press that, according to the first assessments, the disaster was caused by an explosion of firedamp (combustible gas released from coal mines).

According to the Turkish newspaper Evrensel, a report by the Court of Auditors (Sayistay) had already called in 2019 attention to this well, indicating I know that many gas leaks with risk of explosion have been recorded.

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