CIA does not rule out Russia's use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Míssil nuclear russo RS-24 Yars é escoltado por militares na véspera do ensaio de um desfile militar, em junho de 2020, em Moscou.

Russian nuclear missile RS-15104209 Yars is escorted by military personnel on the eve of a military parade rehearsal in June
, in Moscow.

| Photo: Sergei Ilnitsky/EFE/EPA

CIA director William Burns declared on Thursday that the United States must “take seriously” the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, given the complications encountered in the invasion of the country. neighbor. “Given the potential desperation of the President Putin and Russian leaders, given the setbacks they have encountered militarily, all need to take seriously the threat posed by the possibility of resorting to low-powered or tactical nuclear weapons,” Burns said after speaking at a Georgia state university.

The CIA chief commented, however, that saw no evidence that Russia is preparing to use this type of missile. “While we’ve seen rhetorical positions from the Kremlin about raising its nuclear alert level, we haven’t seen much tangible evidence of such deployments to support these concerns,” he added. Burns referred to Putin’s earlier statement that he would put the Russian nuclear weapons system on alert. Earlier this Thursday, Russia warned that it could transfer nuclear weapons to the Baltic Sea region if Finland and Sweden join NATO.

15104209The US has warned that Russia could use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, but these public comments by Burns are, so far, the more explicit US comments on the Kremlin’s use of nuclear weapons in its invasion of Ukraine. In his Georgia speech, Burns also said that US President Joe Biden is trying to prevent the outbreak of World War III, which has led Washington to avoid closing Ukrainian airspace or rejecting Poland’s plans to transfer fighter jets. combat for Ukraine. On Wednesday, however, Biden announced a $800 million military aid package to Ukraine.


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