Christina Aguilera Dating: Inside the Pop Star’s Love Life!

Christina Mara Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality. Known as the “Voice of a Generation” for her four-octave vocal range and ability to hit high notes, she has received this title. Her paintings, which blend feminism, sexuality, and domestic abuse and have garnered both critical acclaim and controversy, are widely cited as an inspiration by other artists.

After having numerous television appearances as a child, RCA Records’ 1999 release of Christina Aguilera, the singer’s debut album, propelled her to popularity. The album, which included the number-one songs “Genie in a Bottle,” “What a Girl Wants,” and “Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)” on the Billboard Hot 100, earned her the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.


Unsavory details Christina Aguilera made some Inappropriate remarks about sex and relationships in her first podcast appearance.

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“I adore having sex! On the Wednesday, April 5, episode of “Call Her Daddy,” the Grammy Award winner, 42, said vibrators were a “game changer” for her when she first began “exploring” her sexuality. She also said that knowing your body is absolutely essential.
Earlier in the show, Aguilera discussed losing her virginity and acknowledged that she wasn’t having sex as young as some people would have thought.

It’s extremely odd that I gave this character, considering that I was probably the last person to lose my virginity, she said to Alex Cooper.


You get what I’m saying? That was something I was interested in. I believe that’s why my communications followed suit, perhaps because I had it first. Yet, as long as you discover your direction, your route, and are comfortable with who you are, it doesn’t matter how things turn out.

When Copper pressed the singer for more details, she responded, “It was later than you would anticipate, considering the girl who was doing ‘Dirty’ and all these things. In retrospect, it seems more like a comical thing. Aguilera implied that she first became aware of her sexuality through her backup dancers.

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I knew a handful of the dancers well. You wander about a lot, but there are only a few things you can access. That’s what it is, she said. In these circumstances, I frequently think, “Maybe I should have noticed, he wasn’t looking at me.” I didn’t matter to him. He was looking at him. There are a few things that make me think, “Aw, how sad!” I regret the younger version of myself.


Aguilera has been Matthew Rutler’s long-term companion since 2014. They started dating after she divorced Jordan Bratman, with whom she had a 15-year-old son named Max. Aguilera and Rutler, both 37, got married in 2014 and later gave birth to Summer Rain, who is now 8 years old.

There are no current wedding plans for the couple, a source told Us Weekly last year. “Christina and Matt are happy with the way things are right now. They belong to the kind of couples who can openly profess their love for one another in public without any proof.
The informant went on to call the couple “true homebodies” and “extremely in love.”

Aguilera lauded her oral sex skills right away when Cooper asked what she was “best” at: “Hands down… I adore it.” Although I’ve heard that some women find it repulsive, I dunno man, it makes me want to turn on.

“Sexuality is a totally individual thing, like what one person might appreciate, another guy doesn’t,” the singer of “Beautiful” continued. There are many different levels, so having a buddy you can thoroughly explore them with is essential.

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You should listen to the whole podcast, in which Aguilera talks about her upbringing, career, and how she felt empowered to create a place where women could express their sexuality.
The Grammy-winning musician, who is also Playground’s co-founder and chief brand advisor, spoke to the media earlier this month about shattering the stigma surrounding sexual health.


This change feels really natural to me, said Aguilera. Due of the individuality of each woman, “[I] hope to empower other women to feel comfortable sharing their tales and owning their bodies, their sexuality, and what that means to them,” she said.

“During the past 42 years, I’ve developed quite a good understanding of my vagina. Also, when you become older, new pleasures physically become available “Added she. And I really paid attention to it. I can actually orgasm in four different places around my vagina.

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