Chinese dictator speaks of 'new era' as he mourns the death of former Japan premier

| Photo: EFE

)22094915Chinese dictator Xi Jinping offered condolences to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida over the death of former Japanese political leader Shinzo Abe, Xinhua news agency reported. Chinese state-owned company this Saturday morning. According to the note, Xi regretted Abe’s assassination, saying that during his rule they had reached “important consensus” for building new ties between Japan and China that “meet the requirements of the new era.”

22094915The statement is made after the international press reported with concern the numerous demonstrations by Chinese nationalists celebrating the death of the Japanese leader in social networks. Despite this, the Chinese embassy had already expressed solidarity with the Japanese government and people immediately after the news of the attack.

xi-jinping In addition to the historical tensions between China and Japan, Abe was criticized in the neighboring country because he advocated a change in the post-World War II communist regime and promoted military reforms to allow Japanese forces to act abroad. , provided that for the defense of allies. In 2000, he offered Japan as an alternative to contain the growing Chinese military might in East Asia.

22094915More recently, in December

, when his candidacy was already taken for granted, Abe stated that any emergency regarding Taiwan would be an emergency for Japan and the Japan-US security alliance.

Communist-led China and democratic Taiwan have been separated since , as a result of a civil war. Beijing regards the island as a renegade province to be reunited with the mainland. With the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, speculations grew among international analysts that a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan would take place soon.22094915

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