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China uses cell phone data to track protesters




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960960Chinese protest against the Covid Zero policy adopted by the communist regime.| Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Chinese authorities are using cell phone data to track people who protested the strict government Covid restrictions in Beijing, according to a recording of a phone call between a protester and police released by broadcaster CNN.

Hundreds of protesters gathered along the Liangma River in Beijing on Sunday night (27), calling for an end to Covid testing and lockdowns. Some also condemned the Xi Jinping dictatorship’s censorship and called for greater political freedoms.

)According to the protester, he received a call from a police officer on Wednesday (

), which revealed that the contact was traced because his cell phone signal was recorded in the vicinity of the protest site . According to a recording of the telephone conversation overheard by CNN, the protester was asked if he was near the Liangma River on Sunday night. Upon denying it, the policeman would have asked: “Then why did your cell phone number appear here?”.

The protester was also instructed to report to a police station for questioning and sign a written record.

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