China launches another space station module

A peça foi lançada de um foguete não tripulado e servirá para montar a estação espacial chinesa, prevista para ficar pronta no fim do ano.
The piece was launched from an unmanned rocket and will be used to assemble the Chinese space station, scheduled to be ready by the end of the year.| Photo: Spaceflight Now/play

This Sunday (24) China has successfully launched the second of three modules to build its own space station. Called Wentian, the piece has 20 tons and was launched by a unmanned rocket.2412172924121729This second piece has 3 bedrooms, kitchen and an area for scientific experiments and must be coupled to the first module, in orbit since April 2021. The maneuver is delicate and it will be the first time that the country has carried out an operation of this size. Three astronauts will be responsible for the docking.

24121729 The idea is to complete the space station project until the end of the year, with the launch of the last module, in October.

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