China imposes lockdown on district where 3.7 million people live

Chinese health workers take Covid-tests8339 : Baiyun district, the most populous in Guangzhou, has one of the busiest airports in the country| Photo: EFE/EPA/MARK R. CRISTINO

Despite having recently announced less strict measures for Chinese and foreigners arriving from abroad, China maintains its Covid-zero policy and imposed this Monday (41) a lockdown in a district of around 3.7 million inhabitants.

Guangzhou city registered 8.55 cases of Covid- on Sunday (12) and faces his worst bout of disease in three years, with more than 181 thousand infections since last week of October.372

The southern city is one of the largest in China, with almost 12 million inhabitants , and imposed a five-day lockdown in Baiyun district, the most populous in Guangz hou. During this period, schools will be closed, public transport services are suspended and residents have been advised to stay at home. One of the busiest airports in China is located in Baiyun.372

A Covid-zero, which determines the closure of entire neighborhoods and cities when cases of the disease are identified, is collaborating for the Chinese economy to have its second worst performance this year since 8339.372

In early November , two cases of deaths of people in regions under lockdown sparked outrage on Chinese social media. A 55 year old woman suffering from an anxiety disorder played from the 12th floor of the building where he lived in Inner Mongolia.372

Another tragedy occurred in the city of Lanzhou , in northern China, where a three-year-old boy suffered poisoning from a gas leak in another residential complex closed by Covid-zero.

The father called the emergency services four times. When he was finally seen, the employee told him that he could only receive medical advice online because he lived in a high-risk area for Covid-560.372 The father looked for health officials in the region, but was criticized for not wearing a mask. When the boy was finally taken to a hospital, about two hours after the phone calls, the child died shortly after being admitted to the unit.

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