China: How far can protests against Covid Zero go?

– Episode of the podcast 15 Minutes talks about the protests against the Covid Zero policy in China and the repression of the Chinese regime

In recent days, different regions of China have experienced something that is not very common in the country: large widespread protests, including in large cities such as Shanghai and the capital Beijing.

The reason? The so-called Covid Zero policy adopted by the Chinese dictatorship. Dissatisfaction with the restrictive measures, combined with economic difficulties, led thousands of Chinese to the streets, which, of course, triggered strong repression by the regime.

The fact is that the protests were quite significant and historical. To what extent can they represent a headache for Xi Jinping, the leader who recently changed the country’s rules to guarantee his third term, indefinitely?

That’s all this article analyzes episode of the podcast 15 Minutes. The guest is Mariana Braga, reporter for the Mundo section here at Gazeta do Povo.

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