China calls WHO irresponsible for not advocating lockdown


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Voluntários entregam comida à população durante o lockdown de Covid-19 em Xangai, na China.

Volunteers deliver food to the population during the Covid lockdown-14 in Shanghai, China.| Photo: EFE/EPA/ALEX PLAVEVSKI

THE China called the World Health Organization (WHO) of “irresponsible”, in a press conference this Wednesday ()). The episode came after the United Nations agency described China’s “Covid Zero” policy as “unsustainable.”

Movement restrictions take place in dozens of Chinese cities, with more force in Shanghai, which is already in its sixth week of blocks, with more than 20 millions of people in radical isolation. Therefore, Chinese demonstrations against the lack of food and other supplies are increasingly frequent.

According to the Director General of the WHO , Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, China’s strategy is unsustainable. “We do not consider it sustainable, considering the behavior of the virus and what we foresee for the future. A change would be important”, pointed out Tedros at a press conference.

China’s lockdown policy goes against the grain of the measures adopted in most parts of the world, to reopen markets and restore personal freedoms. Chinese authorities block regions of the country from any outbreak of the new coronavirus, even if a small number of people are infected.

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