Chilean right accuses government of positioning itself in favor of new Constitution

Representatives of the right-wing Renewal National and Evópoli parties requested this Monday the opening of an administrative proceeding against the government of Chile, which they accuse of positioning itself in favor of the proposal of a new Constitution in different public activities.

According to the local press, the action filed emphasizes the ban that prevents state officials from campaigning in favor of either of the two options before the September 4 referendum, whether to approve the proposed new Constitution or reject it.

“The government governs for those who vote for A, for those who vote for B, and for everyone. Everyone pays their taxes and, therefore, they do not deserve a partisan government”, criticized the deputy Diego Schalper, from Renovação Nacional, in a press conference.

Last Wednesday, the electoral campaign for the referendum began , in which Chileans are obliged to vote if they want a new fundamental law or if they prefer to keep the current one, drafted during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) and which was partially reformed in democracy.

The main right-wing parties have already lined up to reject the new text, which they describe as “partisan” and “indigenist”, while the left decided to encourage citizens to vote for the approval of the new law.

The action of the right-wing parties was presented days after the deputy of the Socialist Party, Leonardo Soto, posted a video on social networks indicating that he was in a coordination meeting in the La Moneda Palace (headquarters of the government) with the aim of “supporting with greater strength and greater coordination the option of Approval (of the new text)”.

Shortly after the video was published, Soto commented that he had made a mistake, while government spokeswoman Camila Vallejo clarified that it was a “protocol meeting where, in fact, parliamentarians and parties are free to present their ideas, but in no case of coordination”.

Chile started the constituent process as a political way to end the wave mass protests that began in 2019.

For months, the polls gave the option of approving the new text, focused on increasing social rights, as the winner. However, now the main surveys indicate a greater tendency of citizens to maintain the current Constitution.

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