Chilean government will prosecute truck drivers who are on strike in the south of the country

O presidente do Chile, Gabriel Boric

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric| Photo: Reproduction Twitter

The government of Chile will sue, based on the Internal Security Law, those responsible for the truck drivers’ strike in the south of the country, which is blocking the main highways in the region, after the breach of agreement to end the mobilization, made two days ago.

The Executive’s decision, communicated on Friday night, took place after the President, Gabriel Boric, gave first signs that he was impatient with the situation.

“I hope that, through dialogue, we reach an agreement, otherwise, the government will have to act as it should”, said the head of state, in an act in the Magallanes region, in southern Chile.

The Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Izkia Siches, assured yesterday, in Santiago, that “all instruments” of the rule of law, which guarantees It gives the government ways to get the highways unblocked.

” Everything has a limit and that limit has already arrived. We demand the clearance of roads and allow free transit. In addition, we withdraw the proposals we had worked with and claimed from the truck drivers”, said the holder of the folder.

The south of Chile is the scene of the so-called “Mapuche conflict”, involving indigenous communities and agricultural and forestry companies. Truck drivers demand the resumption of militarization in the region, with the declaration of a state of exception , which would lead to the employment of the Armed Forces.

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