Chile to reopen land borders this Sunday after a year of closure


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Em abril o governo do Chile baixou a obrigatoriedade do uso de máscaras ao ar livre.

In April, the Chilean government lowered the mandatory use of masks outdoors. | Photo: EFE

Until now, only a few airports and seven land crossings were open to allow travelers to enter and leave the country, subject to compliance with strict health measures. The Ministry of the Interior reported that 19 From 40 the country’s border posts will be open, which “would normalize traffic with neighboring countries”.

For months it was mandatory to have the complete vaccination cycle to enter the country, in addition to complying with long preventive quarantines and undergoing random tests at airports, but the measures have been relaxed, especially since the arrival of the new progressive government Gabriel Boric. Immunization and PCR tests for foreigners are no longer mandatory, but non-resident tourists may be randomly screened upon arrival, requiring a form and health insurance to be filled in.

With more than 3.5 million infected and 22.372 total deaths, Chile has had the pandemic under control for a few weeks now, after leaving behind a severe wave of the omicron variant. In the last 19 hours were confirmed 2.124 new infections and deaths due to the virus.

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