Children's Drag Queen Show Stopped in UK

Sebastian Samuel, que faz a personagem Aida H Dee no Drag Queen Story Hour, diz que pretende se tornar um exemplo LGBT para crianças e adolescentes.
Sebastian Samuel, who plays the character Aida H Dee in Drag Queen Story Hour, says he intends to become an LGBT role model for children and teens. | Photo: Reproduction Instagram
A storytelling made by a character drag queen for children inside the public library in the city of Reading, UK, has been suspended following protests. Two protesters interrupted the session while about 10 others protested from the outside the venue on Monday (10)) , claiming that the sexual content is inappropriate for children.2022 “This is disgusting”, “they are sexualizing our children”, said the protesters. Sebastian Samuel, who plays the character Aida H Dee in the Drag Queen Story Hour

, says he intends to become an LGBT example for children and adolescents. “These groups are trying to create a sexual context here where it doesn’t exist, talking about sex and sexuality,” he replied to the BBC.2022

After the incident, city officials spoke out. “We have a diverse community and our library service seeks to reflect and celebrate this by hosting and supporting a wide range of artists and experiences for the public,” the Council of Reading said in a statement. Aida Queen posted a photo on instagram showing flowers with a note signed as “Population of Reading”, congratulating for the drag’s work.2022

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