What Happened To Chelsea Meissner’s Relationship With Nick Dana?

Throughout her three seasons on Southern Charm, Chelsea Meissner dated Austen Kroll for a brief period before deciding to keep her personal life private.

Hairstylist Chelsea, along with Cameran Eubanks Wimberly and Naomie Olindo, left the Bravo series after Season 6 ended in 2019. (who will return when the program returns for Season 8 on June 23). Viewers have since got access to social media updates from the fan favorite.

Chelsea is forthcoming about her current activities in Charleston, but she keeps her romantic relationships a secret. The last time the former reality star and Nick Dana garnered media attention was in 2018.

Chelsea Meisner and Nick Dana are they still dating? To find out more about Chelsea’s current activities, keep reading.

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Where Is ‘Southern Charm’ Star Chelsea Meissner Now? Does She Still Live with Nick Dana, Her Boyfriend?

When Chelsea was still a working cast member on Southern Charm in the summer of 2018, they made their relationship public.

Nicholas spent the majority of the year away due to the nature of his sailing job.


Chelsea last shared a picture of Nick in January 2020. (or rather, his legs). On her Instagram profile, Chelsea hasn’t been explicit about her relationship status, but it doesn’t appear like they are currently together. She does not download Nick’s app.

Nick’s personal Instagram account is set to private. Since she left Southern Charm, Chelsea has been travelling, renovating her home with her best friend and former Survivor co-star Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (more on that later), and posting images of her dog, Tyson.

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On “Survivor,” Chelsea Competed Against Interior Designer Kim Spradlin-Wolfe

Not just former Charm-er Cameran Eubanks started her reality TV career on a separate show. Chelsea has familiarity with reality television, much like Cameron did when she first started watching The Real World on MTV. On 2012’s “One World” season of Survivor, she played a prominent part.


She was well known for her extensive outdoor experiences and belonged to the Salani tribe, which was made up entirely of women (which she has since discussed on Southern Charm).

Chelsea displayed excellent performance on Survivor, placing third in the championship round. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, a fellow contender, defeated her with seven out of nine votes, placing her in second place.

Chelsea did not receive a single vote in the final round because, in the opinion of the other contestants, she just followed Kim’s orders. Kim later made an appearance in Survivor’s 40th season, which featured just the champions. She currently presents the HGTV show Why the Hell Did I Purchase This House?

After Survivor, Chelsea came home to Charleston, and the rest is history. Every Thursday at 9:00 p.m., Southern Charm is broadcast on Bravo.

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Former Southern Charm cast member Chelsea Meissner has kept her love life a secret since quitting the programme in 2019. She and Nick Dana once had a public relationship, but based on her social media activity, it appears that they are no longer together.

After leaving the reality show, Chelsea has concentrated on exploring the world, making improvements to her home, and spending time with her puppy. In addition, she participated in Survivor in 2012, where she came in third.

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