Chelsea Handler’s Dating Life, All You Need to know

Chelsea Handler’s Dating Life: Chelsea Handler, an American comedian, novelist, actress, TV host, and producer, was born on February 25, 1975. Handler has been working since 1996. She made the decision to try stand-up comedy, and it was a wise one.

As one of the top and most well-known comedians in the industry, Handler has an impressive resume, numerous accolades, and best-selling books to back her up. We’re here to celebrate her big day because she’s self-assured, vivacious, and incredibly humorous.

Is Chelsea Handler in a relationship?

Due to her recent breakup with Joy Koy, American comedian Chelsea Handler is currently single. Before developing a serious romantic relationship, Chelsea and Joy Koy were friends. After being introduced by a friend, they developed a longing friendship in the early 2000s that eventually blossomed into romance. Their friendship paved the way for a loving romantic relationship between them.

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The American comedians reconnected in the end of 2019 and started dating formally in August 2021. Through social media, they made their romance public and showcased their romantic moments. “This man blew my heart open with love, and because of him, my life experience has altered forever,” Chelsea wrote for Joy Koy in her social media video.

Chelsea Handler’s Dating Life

While they were together for two years, Chelsea appeared to be content. She says that “one of the greatest things she can have in her life has been to be loved and treasured by Joy Koy.” Handler believes that he improved her outlook on life and gave her more self-assurance.

Chelsea dated Jo Koy from 2021 until 2022

Even though stand-up comedian Jo Koy frequently performed on Chelsea’s E! late-night programme Chelsea Lately from 2007 to 2014, the two didn’t start dating until much later. When the two attended a Dodgers game together in September 2021, dating allegations started to circulate around them.

Chelsea posted a photo of her and Jo kissing on Instagram to make their romance official. The two announced their separation to their followers on July 18, 2022. Chelsea celebrated her relationship with Jo and their ongoing love for one another in a heartfelt video she shared on Instagram.

Chelsea Handler’s Early Life

The birthplace of Chelsea Handler is Livingston, New Jersey. The youngest member of her family, she was. Seymour Handler’s mother, Rita, was a stay-at-home mother. Her father had worked in the used-car industry. I grew up as a Jew and a Mormon, she says when asked about her religious beliefs. She makes the absurd claim that she chose Judaism because she despises Mormonism.

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Chelsea Handler’s Dating Life

The stories state that Handler had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony and was raised in Reform Judaism. On TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are? in 2013, she later learned that her maternal grandmother had served in the German army during World War 2. Livingston High School was the place where Handler went to school. Reports state that Handler was a difficult student who disobeyed her teachers during school.

Chelsea has three brothers and two sisters. When he was 21 years old, her oldest brother Chat perished in a trekking accident. when they turn 19. In Los Angeles, Handler moved in with her aunt. Later, in 1989, her mother received a breast cancer diagnosis, and she fought the condition for around 15 years. In 2006, her mother passed away.

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