Chef Dagoberto Torres’ sandwiches bring a sea of ​​flavors – Marcelo Katsuki

Barú Sandú is the new delivery service for fish and seafood sandwiches by chef Dagoberto Torres, in São Paulo. There are five recipes that bring fish to the plate, salted, marinated and fried in breadcrumbs or with tempura batter – in addition to shrimp and mussels – fed with jalapeño mayonnaise, horseradish, coleslaw kimchi, chipotle mayo and sweet pepper. A multicultural cauldron in every sanduba.

The prawns are present in Chicharroncitos de camarón (R $ 20), munchies that arrive crispy and slightly peppery and make good company for this cold beer. And they also appear on the filling of El Pancho (R $ 35) fried in tempura batter and wrapped in chipotle, nirá, and sweet chili mayonnaise, a nice combination.

The La Niña surf and turf (R $ 27) surprises with its mix of marinated mussels, raw ham, roasted garlic cream and green olives. But the house’s hit is La Milanga (R $ 33), with its delicious Milanese fish garnished with kimchi coleslaw and cilantro.

To end this fishing trip, Dagoberto saves his Latin American accent with Tres Leches (R $ 18), a sponge cake soaked in three milk syrup and covered with dulce de leche, apple and coconut. Pure sweetness!

Barú Sandú
Delivery only: (11) 96739-3073.
Monday to Saturday, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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