Check Out The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11, Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Check Out The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11: We will read a detailed recap and review of The Interest of Love season 1 episode 11 in this article. Continue reading to learn more. In The Interest of Love’s eleventh episode, Mi-gyeong avoids an embarrassing conversation with Sang-su while Su-yeong offers to volunteer for three months at another branch.

The Interest of Love Episode 11 Where to watch

For viewers outside of Korea, compare your local time to the times shown above to find out when The Interest of Love episode 11 will be available on Netflix. The Interest of Love’s ninth episode would make its Korean-language debut on JTBC. The programme may be viewed online for free with Netflix Basic, which has commercials, or fans can pay around $7 for a normal pack.

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The Interest of Love Episode 11 Release Date

On January 25, 2023, The Interest of Love Episode 11 will premiere. JTBC in Korea will broadcast the premiere of The Interest of Love episode 11 at approximately 10.30 p.m. KST. Viewers outside of Korea will be able to access The Interest of Love episode 11 from 7 IST and 1.30 PM GMT on January 26 at 12.30 AEDT.

The Interest Of Love Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

In the opening scenes of episode 11 of The Interest of Love, Su-yeong is left feeling a range of emotions following their passionate kiss at the ice rink. She starts to question whether being overly honest with Sang-su was entirely her fault. The fact that both partners appeared to be really excited about their kiss indicates that whoever organised it was a success.

When Sang-su stops Su-Yeong from leaving the rink at that point, he has the opportunity to continue acting normally with the other person. He won’t give in though, insisting that there was no error and that he has no regrets.

Check Out The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11

While dropping Su-Yeong off at her residence, Sang-su offers her a drink. The atmosphere at the meal is initially uneasy despite his acceptance. Su-Yeong suggested that they play a game of lying in which everything he says must be untrue. They can spend time together and get to know one another in a fun way by doing this.

In the meantime, Mi-gyeong goes to Sang-home su’s and accepts that she is uncomfortable with their relationship being less than equal. She calls Sang-su several times, but he doesn’t respond and eventually switches off his phone. As they get ready to drive home, Sang-su clings to Su-hand Yeong’s, and the mood in the car turns tense and heavy.

Su-yeong is suddenly awakened at home by the knowledge that she was the one who paid for Jong’s surgery. Father’s Day: Hyeon Su-Yeong apologises to Jong-hyeon for asking to stay at her flat for an extra period of time and Jong-hyeon does the same out of pure guilt. The following morning at work, none of the three of them are able to look each other in the eye.

Su-Yeong offers to work for three months at a bank branch’s satellite office in answer to Shi-request Kyung’s for two volunteers during the meeting. Sang-su is about to raise his hand when Gyeong-pil notices him and decides to do it instead. Mi-gyeong has also noticed this, so it’s not just me. When filing for a loan at the bank later, Jung-im notices Sang-su glance across at Su-Yeong and understands that her son might have feelings for someone other her. She finally decides to hold back from telling him about it.

Following her outside to greet Jung-im, Mi-gyeong gives Sang-su an impromptu embrace. He recommends they meet up in the evening out of confusion. Mi-gyeong commands him to reveal the information there and then because he fears the worst. Sang-su, though, is not going to budge.

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The ladies question Su-Yeong about her reasons for volunteering at the branch office while they are out to lunch. She tries to convince everyone that she simply needs a change of scenery, but nobody is convinced. In any case, she also tells Jong-hyeon about it, and he expresses some regret over not having a say in the matter.

Later, when Su-yeong meets Seon-Jae, she understands there is more going on when she notices Jong-hyeon being a little too happy while texting someone else. On the other hand, Mi-gyeong finds out that Jung-im applied for loans at the bank since a common friend of their moms increased the rent on her homes.

Check Out The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 11

That evening, Sang-su tries to talk to Mi-gyeong once more, but she declines to have a serious conversation at that moment. On the other hand, when Su-yeong goes out for drinks with her employees from the bank, they severely insult her while pretending to be having fun. Su-yeong expresses her feelings to them, but Gyeong-pil intervenes to diffuse the situation when he starts acting aggressively.

Gyeong-pil later warned Sang-su against pursuing two lovers at once, warning that doing so could have a sad result similar to what had happened to Seok-Hyeon. When Gyeong-pil asks Sang-su if he intends to break up with Mi-gyeong, Sang-su declines to say yes or no, instead advising Gyeong-pil to choose the least harmful course of action.


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