Check out 10 crafts from 2020 that are worth repeating; and imported beer of the year – Full glass

Like everything else in this life, craft beer launches were also hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic in this terrible year 2020. Yet we had good news in the industry. The list below, of course, only includes beers that have arrived in this window. This explains the almost unanimity of labels in São Paulo. And at the end of the post, there’s always the import of the year. Check-out.

Over time, the ten beers below are listed in alphabetical order and not in order of preference.

Amana – Oca Cervejaria
Brewery created at the end of 2019, Oca already has its eagerly awaited launches. One of the great news for 2020 has been the Maní line, with cloudy straw yellow IPAs from New England that effectively explore a combination of tapioca and oats. Amana is one of the three labels in the series. Alcohol content: 8.4%.

Amber Galaxy – Grandparents’ House
Still with its recipes that explore the world of lagers, Avós launched this refreshing label from the “small lagers” line. A slightly darker color may suggest a stronger version. Ledo’s error. The color is the result of the malts used in a beer with only 2.3% alcohol. It can even decrease moderation while drinking.

American Sour – Soma Cervejaria
Soma Cervejaria opened its brewery in the midst of a pandemic in the Moema region, and there’s nothing like a brewery to grab a cold beer, out of the tank. One of the new house launches is this light American sour, with low bitterness and only 3.6% alcohol. The slightly acidic taste is accompanied by the aroma of peach which takes over the glass.

Black is beautiful – Gift / PAE
This version is part of the coolest brewing project of the year (read more here), created by black-founded Texan brewery Weathered Soul, which drew attention to racial inequality. Behind the good idea, there is also a good imperial stout beer. Made by Dádiva in partnership with Empório Alto dos Pinheiros bar, the 10% alcohol recipe included cocoa and peanuts in the formula.

Bold Barista Maple Mocha – Bold Brew
One of Brazil’s great craft breweries is in Fortaleza (Ceará), Bold Brewing (which is a gypsy and produces beers in other corners, like São Paulo). This is where the interesting Barista line comes from, with recipes that include coffee in the formula. Maple Mocha is an imperial stout that also uses lactose, forming a curious “café au lait”, embellished with maple syrup and chocolate sauce. But this tasty coffee should leave the brewer relaxed: it contains 11% alcohol.

Dserve Blackberry – UX Brew
The use of lactose in beers is not new, but in 2020 the number of experiences with it has increased significantly. One of the best options was this sour IPA pastry, from UX Brew, aromatic, creamy and with 6.2% alcohol. In addition to lactose, the label takes champagne, blackberry, and vanilla wafers (there’s another option in the lineup, with guava instead of blackberry).

Ephemeral – Gift
Dádiva has launched two imperial acids from the Epheremal range, both containing 10% alcohol. Sour is generally sour, sour. But the secret here is to add vanilla to the formula, giving more balance. The best of them combines, in addition to vanilla, coconut, guava and passion fruit – the other, which is also worth repeating, a mixture of cocoa, blackberry and blueberry .

Nelson in Love (series) – Everbrew
This is a trick that is worth several. Nelson in Love is a New England citrus IPA, or juicy IPA, made with New Zealand hops Nelson Sauvin, which exhibits the characteristics of green grapes. At the end of the year, Everbrew launched a line with three new Nelson in Love, combining Nelson Sauvin with other hops, which name the beers. So we have Nelson in Love Motueka, Southern Cross or Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy. You can close your eyes and choose which one will work.

Pindorama – Cervejaria Central / Cirkus Brewery
Licensed to include Pindorama, which arrived in late 2019, but was not bottled (or canned) until July 2020. This is a classic premium bitter, reminiscent of the best English in the genre, like the famous (and expensive) London Pride. Created in partnership between Cervejaria Central and the Cirkus brewery, it has a more copper color and 5% alcohol. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself in the pub.

This is not a Californian roll – Japas / Suricato
Launched at the Brazilian Beer Festival (in Blumenau), in 2020, this is a refreshing berliner weiss that plays with the ingredients of sushi. Based on rice and a very low bitterness, it takes cucumber and mango in the formula. Great creation of Japanese brewers, in partnership with the gauchos of Suricato.

Firestone Walker – Import of the Year
The Californian brewery, established in 1996, landed here in May of this year. The brand has brought two distinct lines. On the one hand, five cans, one lager and four IPAs, a favorite genre of Americans and Brazilians. But Firestone manages to vary the style well and achieve different results, most notably the excellent and very light Easy Jack IPA session.

At the other end, more elaborate, Firestone brought two long necks to the taste of beer geeks. One of them is West Odnar, a collaboration with Belgians Liefmans, who sent one of their award-winning Goudenbands to age in American and French oak barrels at the American brewery (if you don’t understand anything, no problem ). The other is a version of Sour Opal, a gueuze lambic, which has gone through Viognier grapes – these are more expensive and can run up to R $ 175.

Easy IPA, one of the labels of the American Firestone Walker – Reproduction

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