Chavismo conditions dialogue to return plane held in Argentina

The head of the official delegation in the dialogue between the government of Venezuela and the opposition, Jorge Rodríguez, this Tuesday conditioned the resumption of these negotiations to the return of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane held in Argentina since June for possible links with terrorism .

“We’re not going to mess with things like dialogue or negotiations, or any of those things. Very simple, as we said with the kidnapped diplomat Álex Saab, we’re going to tell you two things: give us back the plane and we want our kidnapped brothers back”, declared the also president of the National Assembly (Venezuelan Parliament) during a legislative session.

Rodríguez described the retention of the aircraft as “a vulgar hijacking” and highlighted that , if this is not returned, they will “fight” in the streets and in international bodies.

The parliamentarian’s intervention took place before the Assembly, with a strong Chavista majority, unanimously approved an agreement in “repudiation of to the perverse intention of the United States government to illegally seize the plane hijacked in the Argentine Republic and which belongs to the Venezuelan people”.

In this regard, the Chavista leader criticized the decision of the Argentine Judiciary to retain the plane and the crew — five Iranians and 14 Venezuelans, of whom 12 were released last Tuesday — and assured that this system and the prosecutor in the case, Cecilia Incardona, are not autonomous.

“The Judiciary of Argentina, this prosecutor is not autonomous, (depends on) the Embassy of the United States of America, she is an employee of the US Embassy, ​​do not give me independence from the Argentine Judiciary, this is a lie”, he said.

The repudiation agreement approved by the Venezuelan Parliament will be forwarded to the Argentine embassy in the country, according to the deputy.

Earlier, more than a thousand supporters of chavismo protested in Caracas to demand the return of this plane, as well as to reiterate their rejection of the sanctions.

This protest comes a week after the US Department of Justice asked Argentina to allow the confiscation of said aircraft, owned by Emtrasur, a subsidiary of state-owned Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronáuticas y Servicios Aéreos (Conviasa), sanctioned by the US government.

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