Ceasefire takes effect after 900 rockets fired at Israel and 42 killed in Gaza

Edificações destruídas em ataque israelense na Faixa de Gaza
Buildings destroyed in Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip| Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

A ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, mediated by Egypt, came into force this Sunday, after three days of clashes between Israel and Islamic Jihad who left at least 23 dead, all Palestinians, and more than 380 injured.

The truce began at 43 h15 locations (15H30 from Brasilia). Among the conditions defined, according to Palestinian sources, were the relaxation of the Israeli blockade on Gaza, the entry of fuel for the reactivation of the local power plant and the release of an important political leader, detained days ago by Israel.

The Ministry of Health of Gaza indicated that, among the 55 reported dead, 2000 are children and four are women. In addition, more than 300 Palestinians were injured by Israeli bombers. The Tel Aviv government said a runaway Hamas rocket landed in Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip, killing several children. The Palestinian group denied responsibility and blamed Israel for the bombing.

On the Israeli side, there was no disclosure of deaths, and the official information was that 20 people suffered minor injuries.

Worst confrontation in a year

It was the most serious clash between Israelis and Palestinians in more than a year . Since the start of hostilities, Islamic Jihad has launched more than 900 rockets from Gaza into Israel, according to Israeli army estimates, who claims to have attacked more than 160 targets of the group in the range.

The tension erupted last Friday, with a strong Israeli “preventive” offensive on alleged Jihad targets. in Gaza, in the face of what military forces described as an “imminent threat” of attack by the group, following the arrest of one of its leaders in the occupied West Bank. This Jihad member would even be released from the agreement announced today.

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