Cause of death of Trump's ex-wife was accidental fall from stairs

Autoridades de Nova York informaram nesta sexta-feira detalhes sobre a morte da ex-modelo e empresária checoslovaca Ivana Trump
New York authorities reported this Friday details about the death of former Czechoslovak model and businesswoman Ivana Trump


15214828 Ivana Trump, the first wife of former US President Donald Trump, died after accidentally falling down the stairs of her home in New York, according to the authorities and the local press this Friday (15).1521482815214828The local coroner’s office said the former 73 Czechoslovak model and businesswoman died of “blunt wounds” to the torso caused by a accident.1521482815214828According to police sources consulted by The New York newspaper Post, Ivana’s assistant and cleaning worker tried to enter the house on Thursday morning (14), but received no response, and when a maintenance worker opened the door, they found her body at the foot of a ladder, next to an overturned coffee cup. .15214828
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