“ Caught ” by the pandemic, Bolsonaro gives in, emphasizes an external cover – 03/30/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Ministerial reform in Brazil has been unanimously linked in external coverage to the collapse of the fight against the pandemic.

Economic newspapers The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times noted in appeals, respectively, that the changes have come “as anger over the death toll grows” or “as the pressure grows on Covid”, in particular of Congress.

Of the “profound” change, the WSJ highlights the departure of Chancellor Ernesto Araújo, who saw the pandemic “as part of a global communist conspiracy” and is accused of delays in vaccines and supplies in China.

The FT learned from former Chancellor Celso Amorim that “it’s hard to say how much foreign policy may have contributed to the deaths, but we know it hasn’t helped at all when it comes to securing vaccines “and supplies.

The exchange in the armed forces has been highlighted in Le Monde Français (above) and in the German Der Spiegel, among others, the first leading to the statement that Bolsonaro angered military summits.

“Between the generals and the captain, war seems to have been declared”, described correspondent Bruno Meyerfeld, as Radio France International (RFI) underlined in his European press report.

But also Le Monde, on this Tuesday (30) at home, gives priority to the Covid crisis, with a report on São Paulo, which could “not recover”. Along the same lines, Argentina’s Clarín is paying more attention to the pandemic itself and the advancement of the Brazilian variant in the country.

Clarín, on the right, and Page / 12, on the left, describe Bolsonaro as “cornered” in his statements on ministerial reform. In the description of US Public Radio Network (NPR) correspondent Philip Reeves:

“He is significantly weaker. His popularity is waning. His rival, former President Lula, is back, with his convictions overturned. Bolsonaro is in a difficult situation.”

In AS / COA, the organization’s vice-president, journalist Brian Winter, writes that “An insecure Bolsonaro is preparing for his January 6”, a reference to the invasion of the Capitol in Washington. “Besieged by Covid, he tries to protect himself” by gathering more “armed men”.

As of Tuesday morning, the New York Times had not reported on the ministerial reform, but it did not fail to point out, Monday evening, “Brazil in free fall”, with “more new cases and deaths than any other country “.

In the same vein, the American network ABC produced a report on the collapse of the hospitals. And German correspondent Die Zeit highlighted the “New Bolsonaro Mask” (above), trying to sound concerned about the pandemic.

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