Case of damage to Reliance Jio tower in Punjab by farmers; Latest news and updates | Just before the 8th government-farmer meeting, the company said, “We have nothing to do with contract farming.”

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New Delhi 6 days ago

Amid the continuing unrest against farm laws, Reliance Jio’s mobile tower is targeted, opposing products from Reliance and Adani. As a result, more than 1,500 Reliance Jio towers were demolished in Punjab, on which a company statement now says the company has nothing to do with contract farming and called on the state government to take action. note of the case.

What the company said –

Reliance Industries Ltd., Reliance Retail Ltd. (RRL), Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. and any other company affiliated with Reliance does not engage or engage in corporate or contract farming, nor does it consider entering the business at to come up. Or “Reliance” or one of Reliance’s “contract” farming affiliates has not purchased any farmland directly or indirectly from Haryana / Punjab or any other part of the country. Neither plans to do so in the future. Reliance Retail is a leading organized retail business in India. Other companies, manufacturers and suppliers in this country sell various brands of food products, grains, fruits, vegetables and all kinds of products, including daily use items, medicines, electronics, which are not purchased directly. from farmers. We never entered into a contract to take unfair advantage of farmers and neither will it ever happen.The farmer who feeds 130 Indian crores is the breadwinner and we respect him. Reliance and its associates are committed to making the farmer prosperous and empowered. That is why the company and its affiliates are fully committed to ensuring that products produced with hard work and dedication achieve fair and beneficial value for farmers. Reliance wants to increase the incomes of farmers on a sustainable basis and is committed to working towards its goal.

Reliance blamed the rival company
A statement from Reliance said rival companies were also behind the demolition of the company’s mobile towers in both states. The company also filed a complaint with the telecom department. Although the company has not named any competitors, Airtel and Vodafone Idea have dismissed the claims as unfounded. These companies also sent a letter to the Ministry of Telecommunications on this matter.

Presence of the company in both states
The company said it has a total of 400 million customers in the country, including 14 million in Punjab (around 36% in the state) and 94 lakh in Haryana (around 34% in the state) as of October 31, 2020. Reliance Jio has around 9,000 mobile networks in Punjab alone.

The company appealed to the High Court
The company thanked police in Punjab and Haryana for reducing vandalism in recent days. However, the company has filed a petition with the High Court for sanctions and actions against disbelievers and selfish elements so that Reliance can once again properly conduct business in Punjab and Haryana.

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