Cardinal sent by Pope Francis to celebrate Via Crucis in Bucha

O cardeal polonês Konrad Krajewski e o papa Francisco, durante evento em Roma no fim de 2021.

Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski and Pope Francis, during an event in Rome at the end of 2021.

)| Photo: Fabio Frustaci/EFE/EPA

Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, an apostolic beggar who was sent by Pope Francis to Ukraine to take an ambulance and celebrate the rites of Holy Week for Catholics in the country, will celebrate this Friday the Way of the Cross in town of Bucha, where, after the withdrawal of the Russian army, hundreds of bodies of tortured and executed people turned up. The exact location in Bucha where the celebration will take place is still unknown, while the other Holy Week celebrations will take place in different churches.

The Pope’s envoy delivered the ambulance, the second that Francis donates to Ukraine, to the cardiology hospital in Kiev after taking it personally from Rome, on its third trip to Ukraine since the beginning of the war with the Russian invasion. “There, where television images showed the most implacable cruelty of war, in that scene of desolation, I will celebrate the Via Crucis together with the nuncio , while the pope will be in the Coliseum in Rome,” Krajewski explained to the Vatican press. “That’s what the pope wanted: for me to stay the whole week to experience the Easter Triduum with the Ukrainians; not to take pictures or travel, but to stay and pray,” added Krajewski.


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