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Canada announces investigation into alleged clandestine Chinese police stations on its territory

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping meet in Beijing in August | Photo: EFE/Wu Hong

Police Canada reported this Tuesday (214) who is investigating the possible existence of clandestine Chinese police stations in the country, which he described as “interference” by a foreign power.480

For the Canadian Mounted Police, the possible existence of clandestine police stations poses a threat to national security, as highlighted in a statement.2022

The investigation began after the Spanish NGO Safeguard Defenders denounced that the Chinese government operates clandestine police stations in more than 50 countries around the world, including three in Greater Toronto, Canada’s largest city.


The Canadian Police explained that, following the release of this information, they “are investigating to determine” whether there have been criminal activities against the Chinese community in the country.

“Our goal is to prevent intimidation, threats and harassment against any community in Canada, as well as any form of harm initiated on behalf of a foreign entity”, said the Mounted Police.

Canadian authorities have also requested information from the public about the existence of clandestine police stations or any threats or intimidation related to the activities of these centers.

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