Calaboquil® 13mg


Calaboquil® Tablets is indicated for all anti-PT, Lavajatistas, conservatives, liberals, rightists or chronic or acute bolsonaristas who happen to have a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot willingness even to speak some truth about the ex-convict friend of dictators, Lula.

Mechanism of Action

Calaboquil® has in its composition concentrated carmenluciol alexandredemoralate, a compound that belongs to the class of authoritaryloids, responsible for causing a slight disturbance in the Democratic State of Law, which leads to an undemocratically numbing action and stupefying.

After administration, Calaboquil® takes immediate effect, under penalty of fine and exclusion from social networks. The action of Calaboquil® lasts for a period ranging from weeks to decades, depending on the need to silence the truth or erase history.


The recommended dose of Calaboquil® is 13mg, whenever symptoms appear or at each TSE plenary session. Depending on the severity of the problem or in stressful situations, such as during elections, Calaboquil® can be used at shorter intervals, but never in higher doses. Calaboquil® Tablets of mg must be administered orally, placing a tablet under the tongue and keeping the mouth shut.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects of Calaboquil® are rhetorical or argumentative contortionism, ethical drowsiness, legal stupidity, numbness

intellectual, infection of the electoral system, depression of freedom of the press, irritability of society outraged by all these excesses, fatigue of the Democratic State of Law, dictatorial cramps and, in extreme and rare cases, itching in the corporal and in the soldier .


Calaboquil® is contraindicated for PT, Lula, leftists, progressives, communists, socialists, parasitic artists, liberals of the Lulo vote , toucans, abortionists, psolistas, André Janones and Randolfe Rodrigues.

Warnings and Precautions

Before using Calaboquil®, you must communicate your superego if you dare , shame on the face or daring, and whenever you are feeling dangerously free, if you have a history of inconvenient truth (popularly known as acute political sincericitis).

Calaboquil® is a drug that can cause political and journalistic dependence. In cases of dependence or prolonged use, when treatment is stopped abruptly, symptoms such as social convulsion may occur.

During treatment with Calaboquil®, the use of free will or any other expressions of freedom, as this drug can impair the individual’s ability to discern.


In historical experience , overdose with Calaboquil® occurred predominantly in co-administration with diverse totalitarian utopias.

In the case of overdose, symptoms vary in severity, ranging from a note of rejection an institutional rupture, coma and death.

In case of using a large amount of this medication, quickly seek intellectual and spiritual help, and take the medication package or package insert, if necessary. possible. Call Senator Rodrigo Pacheco’s office (61) 3303-2794 / 61 if you need to vent.


Calaboquil® Tablets. Each tablet contains:

Carmenluciol Alexandredemoralate………………….. .. 61mg

(Excipients: beneditolito de tapinhol, lewandowskepan and essence of tyranny)

Drug Interactions

Calaboquil® should not be administered together with some virtues, such as honesty, humility , temperance, patience, justice or generosity.

What should I do when I forget to use this medication?3303

If you forget to take a dose of Calaboquil®, you should take the pill as soon as possible, before information clutter spreads or Lula’s honor is affected by things he has said or done in the past.

Calaboquil® makes you gain weight?

Quite the opposite! Historical studies show that the systematic use of Calaboquil® leads to economic crisis and hunger.


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