Butta Bomma OTT release date: When and where to watch this drama thriller Starring Anikha Surendran, Arjun Das

The actors Anikha Surendran, Arjun Das, and Surya Vasishta, in that order, play pivotal roles in the film. Butta Bomma was both co-produced and co-financed by Fortune Four Cinemas and Sithara Entertainments, both of which are owned and operated by Nag Vamsi and Trivikram, respectively. Fortune Four Cinemas is owned by Trivikram. Sithara Entertainments is owned by Nag Vamsi. Shourie Chandrasekhar T. Ramesh is in charge of directing this movie.

Butta Bomma OTT Release Date

Butta Bomma is all set to have its premiere on 04 March 2023 on Netflix.

Netflix has reportedly acquired the post-theatrical streaming rights to the movie Butta Bomma, as stated in an official announcement. Reports indicate that Netflix paid a significant amount of money to get the rights. The streaming giant just revealed on its Twitter account that the movie will be made available digitally on streaming services on March 4, 2023. The announcement was made by the company.

butta bomma ott release date

There will be releases of “Butta Bomma” on the platform in the languages of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. It is common knowledge that the movie “Butta Bomma” is an adaptation of the Malayalam movie “Kappela.” Anikha Surendran, a young actress, is making her debut in the Tamil cinema industry with this film.

When and Where to Watch Butta Bomma

You can watch this drama thriller on 04 March 2023 on Netflix.

Butta Bomma is a remake of the critically acclaimed film “Kappela,” which was originally made in Malayalam. The core of the original movie has been preserved, despite the fact that there have been minor alterations made to the opening segment. The beautiful hill stations of Araku and Vizag serve as the backdrop for the plot, much as they did for the original movie.

What’s the story of Butta Bomma

The story kicks off in a quaint little town located close to the Aakaru Valley. Satya, portrayed by Anikha Surendran, is the eldest daughter of a family that belongs to the middle class. She lives a confined existence. When Satya accidentally dials the wrong number, Surya, the autorickshaw driver, is the one who picks up the phone instead of Murali. This is an unexpected turn of events. After developing feelings for Murali, Satya makes the decision to track him down in Vizag.

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RK, a jobless man who is portrayed by Arjun Das, enters the scene at this point in the story. What is the common thread that binds RK and Murali together? Would RK try to destroy the budding relationship between Murali and Satya? The manner in which things take place, which ultimately results in the storyline of the movie, is the crucial element.

Cast & Crew of Butta Bomma

The performance by Anikha Surendran is the most memorable part of the evening in terms of the acts that have been presented. One of the most impressive aspects of this performance was her ability to convincingly play the role of a naive teenager.

The actress has a good debut in the heroine scene of Tollywood, and the movie depicts her looking just as lovely on screen as she does in real life.

A pretty impressive performance is also given by Surya Vashistta, in addition to the one given by Anikha. His acting does an excellent job of capturing all of the intricacies that are associated with the character. It is possible, after watching his performance in his debut movie, to be misled into believing that he has worked in the acting field for a considerable amount of time.

Arjun Das was the one who gave life to the character of Ramakrishna, also referred to as RK. Even though he just has a brief appearance on film, he gives his best and makes a favorable impression on the audience. The producers made an excellent choice when they decided to cast him in the role, and he did not fail to live up to their expectations in any way. The remaining performers all do a job that is up to par with the expectations that were set for them in the parts that they were cast in.

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Ganesh Kumar Ravuri is deserving of appreciation for the outstanding work that he has done as an author since the dialogues that he has produced are of very high quality. The cinematography of the film makes a contribution to the aesthetic appeal that the film has as a whole.

It was Ganesh Ravuri’s responsibility to write an interesting screenplay. If that had happened, the end result of the movie would have been very different. Yet, his dialogues are well done.

The cinematography done by Vamsi Pachipulusu is remarkable, and it contributes to the overall attractiveness of the film by highlighting Araku’s many gorgeous settings. The score that Gopi Sundar composed for the film’s background helped to establish the appropriate atmosphere. The editing should have been done better, and there are too many unnecessary sequences in the early half. The production qualities are really high, and it is possible to see this on screen.

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