Burkini authorization in public swimming pools is suspended in French city

Protesto pelo uso do burquíni na prefeitura de Grenoble, no ano passado
Protest for wearing the burkini in Grenoble City Hall, in the year past
| Photo: Instagram/Alliance Citoyenne

The authorization for the use of burkini, a kind of burqa for water, lasted just over a month in the pools public services in the French city of Grenoble. This Tuesday (), when summer starts in Europe, the Council of State suspended the regulation issued by the administrative court of the city.

According to the statement of the judge responsible for the decision, the burkini authorization was a “very specific rule, made to satisfy a religious claim” and, “for reasons of hygiene and safety, it is likely to affect the proper functioning of the public service and equal treatment of users”, in addition to “violating the principle of neutrality of public services”.

The authorization for the use of the burkini was authored by the mayor of Grenoble, Éric Piolle, who, in May, said that the project was a “social progress”. “This allows women to swim topless or with a larger bathing suit that covers the body. Ultimately, it is a coherent struggle, which aims not to impose limits on women’s clothing”, defended the mayor.

Known for uniting left-wing communitarianism and ecological ideology, Piolle was re-elected in 2020 betting on proposals that pleased the Citizen Alliance (Alliance Citoyenne). .

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