British prime minister candidate defends Brexit and criticizes debt

Rishi Sunak, the former UK economy minister, presented himself this Saturday as an alternative candidate to the powers that be supporting his Conservative Party leadership rival Liz Truss at a rally in Grantham, the icon’s hometown “tory” Margaret Thatcher. In his first campaign speech in the primaries – in which party members will have to choose the successor of outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson – Sunak declared that, during his time in government, he found that “the system is broken”.

“The powers that be want this to be a coronation of the other candidate. But I think activists want to see your options and are ready to hear it,” said Sunak, who is well below the foreign minister in polls.

Despite having held the post of economy minister in the Johnson administration for two years, Sunak defended that a new “radicalism” is needed in power, capable of carrying out the necessary reforms and being sincere with the citizens. “If we want to fulfill the promise of Brexit, we need someone who understands Brexit, who believes in Brexit, who voted for Brexit,” he said, in a veiled allusion to his rival, who was in favor of remaining in the European Union before moving.

In addition, Sunak also criticized, without mentioning it, Truss’ plan to cut taxes and pay them by increasing the country’s debt, since, in his opinion, “a true conservative does not want his children to be forced to pay their debts.” “We must tell the truth about the cost of living. Inflation is the enemy that impoverishes everyone and puts their homes and savings at risk. And we must tell the truth about taxes. I’m not going to put more money in people’s pockets knowing that inflation will take it away immediately”, he commented.

In an interview published in this Saturday’s edition of the newspaper The Times, who publicly supported him, Sunak had stated that his country faces a “national emergency” in the economy, public health and illegal immigration. Therefore, he promised to put the country in “crisis mode” from day one if he becomes prime minister, as he understands that “the same-thing mentality” no longer works.

Conservative Party members will begin receiving their ballots to vote by mail from August 5th, and will be able to do so over the course of a month, until the winner is announced on September 5th. The following day, Johnson will present his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II, who will then entrust the new Conservative leader with the formation of the government.

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