Brazilian is arrested for trying to shoot Cristina Kirchner in Buenos Aires

A man was arrested last Thursday night (1st) in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, suspected of having tried to kill Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

Images published social networks show the Peronist politician greeting supporters in front of his house and a person arriving with a gun and apparently pulling the trigger towards Kirchner’s head; the weapon, however, failed.

The images also show the vice president crouching down when she noticed the weapon and then a riot involving security guards and supporters, in which the suspect was detained.

Argentina’s Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, confirmed to the newspaper Clarín that the detained suspect was carrying a pistol. He was identified as Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, a Brazilian 35 years old, who would have a criminal record: in March 2021, he was prosecuted for carrying an unconventional weapon, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal, where he would reside.

Clarín sources said that at that time the Brazilian had a knife and declared that it was for self-defense. He would work in the Argentine capital as an app driver.

The weapon seized is a caliber pistol 380 and had bullets in the magazine.

In a statement, the Frente de Todos, a coalition of President Alberto Fernández, said it “strongly repudiates the attempt on the life of the vice president” and that it had been warning about “hateful incitements from different areas of political, media and judicial power”. ”.

In a televised address, Fernández said that he asked for a quick clarification of the facts and that the attack deserves the “repudiation of Argentines from all political fields, because it affects our democracy”.

“We may have disagreements, but hate speech has no place in democracy because it encourages violence,” said Fernández, who declared a national holiday this Friday (2) out of “solidarity” with the vice president.

Former president Mauricio Macri, defeated by the Peronists in the election of 2019, also commented on the attack O. “My absolute repudiation of the attack suffered by Cristina Kirchner, which fortunately had no consequences for the vice president. This very serious fact requires an immediate and in-depth clarification on the part of the justice system and the security forces”, he wrote on Twitter.

Last week, the Federal Public Ministry of Argentina asked for a sentence of 12 Kirchner’s years in prison and perpetual disqualification from public office, in the context of a trial for alleged irregularities in the concession of public works when he was president (2007-2015).

Over the weekend, at least 14 police officers were injured and four people were arrested in Buenos Aires, during a demonstration in support of Cristina Kirchner that ended in violence in the region where the vice president lives.

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