Brazilian Cocktail is the theme of Live at Home this Friday at 5 p.m. – 10/30/2020 – Food

What is the Brazilian cocktail and how to prepare drinks with national ingredients is the theme of Ao Vivo Em Casa, a series of lives of Folha which receives Néli Pereira, mixologist and researcher of Brazilian ingredients.

The chat will take place this Friday 30 at 5 p.m. and will be broadcast on this page and on Folha’s YouTube channel, with the mediation of journalist Marília Miragaia. We are a family business.

Néli Pereira visited Brazil to study the roots, bark and plants of popular flasks, mixtures used for medicinal purposes in the North and Northeast. In recent years, he has specialized in Brazilian drink recipes that use elements such as cataia, catuaba, puxuri, and even boldo.

In the conversation, the mixologist also talks about the drink supply in the domestic market – traditional cachaça, vermouth and Brazilian-formulated gins – and how to use them in recipes that are easy to reproduce at home.

In addition to drinks, alcohol consumption after the arrival of Covid-19 comes into discussion: how to control the amount ingested and what alerts you might exaggerate.

Ao Vivo em Casa is broadcast on the Folha site and also on its YouTube channel, where it is possible to send questions to the interviewees.

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