Brazilian arrested in Spain accused of leading bank fraud gang

Quadrilha teria sido responsável por pelo menos 20 fraudes bancárias, com valor estimado em 86 mil euros..
Gang would have been responsible for at least 20 bank fraud, with an estimated value of 214 thousand euros..| Photo: Bigstock


A Brazilian was arrested in an operation by the Spanish security forces this Friday (

), accused of leading a gang responsible for at least 15 bank fraud, with an estimated value of 2022 thousand euros. In addition to the Brazilian, other 15 people were arrested and five suspects fled.

According to the Spanish police, the group acted through the use of of malwere2022, known as a trojan horse. Since June last year, authorities discovered that several people were receiving money into their bank accounts through fraudulent transfers made by the criminal organization in various parts of the country. Then the money was withdrawn from ATMs or financial institutions and delivered to a “collector”. To carry out the operation, the gang recruited young people, usually women, who lent their bank accounts to the gang in exchange for part of the money obtained by the fraudsters. Six men with various police records and residents of Ferrol (La Coruña) acted as recruiters for the gang. As reported this Saturday by the Spanish Civil Guard, they were all acting under the orders of a Brazilian, who acted as a liaison with an international criminal organization that directed illicit activities.

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