Boys Hostel OTT release date: When and where to watch this comedy drama starrer Prajwal B.P, Manjunath Nayaka

Boys Hostel is the title of the Telugu adaptation of the blockbuster Kannada film Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare. Telugu language distribution was handled by Annapurna Studios in collaboration with Chai Bisket Productions. The principal parts were played by actors making their debuts, including Prajwal BP, Manjunath Nayaka, Rakesh Rajkumar, Srivatsa, and Tejas Jayanna Urs. Nithin Krishnamurthy is in charge of directing this production. 

Boys Hostel OTT Release Date

Boys Hostel is all set to premiere on 10 November 2023 on ETV Win.

The storyline of Boys Hostel, which is a dubbed version of Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare, is impressive in that it is straightforward but nevertheless interesting. The first half’s engaging narration is a key factor in delivering an enjoyable cinematic experience.

The film’s primary narrative focus is on the character of the warden, which Manjunath Nayaka brilliantly brings to life on screen. Black comedy is woven throughout the story, and the supporting cast, which includes Prajwal BP, Srivasta Shyam, Diganath Manchale, and Gagan Ram, contributes significantly to the telling of the tale.

The hilarity that ensues as a consequence of the concerted efforts of all of the students who are involved in the primary plot is a source of humorous entertainment.

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In addition to first performances by Prajwal BP, Manjunath Nayaka, Rakesh Rajkumar, Srivatsa, and Tejas Jayanna Urs in the leading characters of the film, Rashmi Gautam makes a special appearance in the film as well.

Now available for streaming on ZEE5 is the original version in Kannada. The soundtrack in this fascinating film was composed by B Ajaneesh Loknath, who brought a modern and energetic vibe to the screen with his work. Fans can appreciate this film. Do not miss the Diwali special release of “Boys Hostel” on ETV Win on 10 November 2023. This release is the best way to celebrate the festival of lights with some exciting entertainment.

When and Where to Watch Boys Hostel

You can watch this comedy-drama on ETV Win on 10 November 2023.

It is safe to say that “Boys Hostel” is not your normal comedy movie. It spins a compelling story around the act of suicide committed by a hostel warden, which serves as the jumping-off point for a roller coaster journey that is punctuated with moments of humor, tension, and unexpected turns.

The creative brilliance of the filmmakers is on full display in the film’s ability to combine comedic elements with a suspenseful investigation into a murder. The events that follow the discovery of a suicide note left by the warden of a boys’ hostel set the plot in motion and set the stage for the rest of the novel.

Prajwal BP, Manjunath Nayaka, Rakesh Rajkumar, Srivatsa, and Tejas Jayanna Urs are all playing significant roles in Boys Hostel. Both the general audience and the critics praised the comedy that was featured in the movie.

The release of “Boys Hostel” on over-the-top (OTT) platforms provides an excellent opportunity for moviegoers who were unable to see this hilarious and suspenseful comedy in theaters to finally get a chance to experience it. With the film now available on popular OTT platforms, viewers can enjoy the rib-tickling comedy and solve the intriguing mystery from the comfort of their homes.

What’s the story of Boys Hostel

Manjunath Nayaka’s character Ramesh Kumar is the severe warden of Frankfurt University’s dorm. He is so feared by even Ajith (Prajwal BP) and his crew. The warden kills himself one day and writes a message accusing Ajith’s crew of causing his demise. They attempt to covertly conceal the body out of panic. Were they successful? What issues did they encounter? Why was their names written by the warden? The solutions are in the film.

Cast & Crew of Boys Hostel

Manjunath Nayaka, Pawan Kumar, Rakesh Rajkumar, and Prajwal B.P. Shetty Shine, among others. Nithin Krishnamurthy is the director, Arvind S. Kashyap is in charge of the camera, B. Ajaneesh Loknath is the composer, Suresh M. is in charge of the conclusion, and Varun Gowda is the producer. Prajwal B. P. Arvind S. Kashyap Nithin Krishnamurthy, who is associated with Varrun Studios and Gulmohur Productions.

Boys Hostel OTT release date

With this movie, Prajwal B.P., who had previously worked in the direction department, made his feature debut. He served as an assistant director on the 2013 release of the movie “Lucia.” The absence of a protagonist is the best aspect of the large cast movie.

In this movie, everyone is a hero according to the plot, and Manjunath Nayaka did a great job in the role of the warden. The film’s attractions will include Shine Shetty, Pawan Kumar, and Rishab Shetty’s cameos as elders. He starred in this movie following the huge success of Kantara, and he is currently scripting Kantara 2.

Pawan Kumar, the director of U-Turn, makes a surprising cameo as Lucia. Ajaneesh Loknath is a young Kannada composer of music. Action thrillers like Vikrant Rona and Kantara are among his best-known works. He does, however, also make terrific coming-of-age music for romantic comedies. The Kannada reviews claim that he composed some excellent music for this movie.

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It seems like Rakshit Shetty enjoys the story when he steps forward to support up-and-coming talent. Rakshit Shetty is the presenter of this movie. Are you aware that this movie has introduced about 500 theater talents to the business? While we have seen films with coworker backdrops, hostel backdrops are really uncommon.

Recently, a telugu series called “Hostel Days” was released, which is an official remake of TVF’s Hostel Dayz. This movie has a great opportunity of becoming a telugu classic, especially with younger viewers.

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