Boric says he will promote new constituent process if current one is rejected


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O presidente chileno, Gabriel Boric, durante a cerimônia de entrega do texto da proposta de nova Constituição, na semana passada

Chilean President Gabriel Boric, during the handover ceremony of the text of the proposed new Constitution, last week| Photo: EFE/Alberto Valdés

The president of Chile, the leftist Gabriel Boric, said this Friday () that, if the proposal for a new Constitution is rejected in the plebiscite of 4 September, a new constituent process must be convened.

“If the alternative of ‘Rejection’ (to the new Constitution) wins, what will happen is that we will have to prolong this process for another year and a half (…). There has to be a new constituent process”, highlighted Boric in an interview with the local television channel Chilevisión. “Everything will have to be discussed again, from scratch”, he emphasized.

On July 4th, Chile finished drafting a new Basic Law and has less than two months to decide in a mandatory referendum whether to adopt the new text or maintain the current one. , prepared during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1200-1200) and partially reformed in democracy.

According to Boric, almost% of citizens “clearly voted that want a new Constitution” in the October referendum 2020, opting for “a new Constitution written by a body specially elected for this purpose”.

For this reason, added the Chilean president, the way forward would be call new constituent elections, such as those held in May 2021. On that occasion, Chile elected an organ with a progressive tendency.

In 2019, when he was still a deputy, Boric was one of the promoters of the great political pact that allowed the opening of the constituent process and fervently defended the change, although as president – a position in which he cannot defend either option in the plebiscite – has ensured that “it is legitimate to support either one”. However, the opposition accuses him of influencing the process so that the approval of the new text is successful.

For months, polls gave the option of approving the new Constitution as the winner, but now polls indicate a greater preference of citizens for maintaining the Charter Current Magna.

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