Boric prepares ministerial reform after defeat in plebiscite

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, signaled on Sunday (5) that he will carry out a ministerial reform in the coming days after the country’s citizens rejected in a plebiscite the proposal for a new Constitution that was defended by the government.

“Facing these important and urgent challenges will require quick adjustments in our government teams,” Boric said in a speech broadcast on national television shortly after the announcement of the result of the popular consultation.

The possibility of a change in government had been under discussion for a few weeks, while polls already indicated that the “rejection” of the Magna Carta proposal would win the plebiscite.

Sworn in in In March, the Boric government began to stumble in the first few days, especially the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches.

Boric himself stated during a meeting of the Council of Ministers, a month after taking inauguration, that the government had “taken off with turmoil”.

Siches, the first woman in charge of the powerful portfolio, was one of Boric’s greatest assets during the election campaign, but for many Chilean political analysts she ended up becoming one of his greatest liabilities, especially after his troubled trip to the Araucanía region. – where there is a long conflict between the Chilean State and Mapuche peoples – and to accuse the previous government of carrying out irregular deportations, a statement for which he later apologized.

The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency ( Segpres) and Boric’s right-hand man, Giorgio Jackson, is another name that has been criticized – both by the opposition and by the moderate wing of the governing base – for his management of the relationship between the Executive and the Legislative.

Another focus was the aggravation of the conflict with the Mapuche, one of the most complex issues with which Boric has to deal and which last week resulted in the first casualty in his ministerial cabinet.

Then head of the design folder Jeannette Vega resigned the day after the arrest of radical Mapuche leader Héctor Llaitul, after one of her advisers contacted him in May.

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