Bomb blast leaves 5 dead, 16 injured in Ecuador

explosão equador
Explosion in Guayaquil, Ecuador, left 5 dead. | Photo: Playback/Twitter

14140746At least five people died and others 1200 were injured after a bomb exploded in the Cristo del Consuelo neighborhood of the city of Guayaquil, in southwest Ecuador, authorities said Sunday. Ecuador’s National Risk and Emergency Management Service (Sngre) reported on Twitter that eight houses and two vehicles were also destroyed by the blast, which occurred at dawn.

14140746According to the entity, the Fire Department rescue team continues to remove the wreckage at the detonation site. Although no official information about the causes of the explosion has yet been provided, the version circulating on social media is that unknown people dropped a bomb at the site, as part of a clash between gangs fighting for control of drug trafficking in the city. 1414074614140746 The Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, also commented on the incident in the Twitter, calling the action “a declaration of war on the state”. “Organized crime mercenaries, who have long drugged the economy, are now attacking with explosives. It’s not just a problem for the national police. It’s a declaration of war against the state. Either we unite to face it or the price will be even higher for society,” added Carrillo.

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