Bolsonaro's interview with Flow has a positive impact

On the night of last Monday (8), President Jair Bolsonaro gave an interview to the Flow podcast. Almost 600 a thousand people watched it live and, at the moment this program is recorded, the interview has 11 million views on YouTube.

Here on the podcast O Papo É, with an audience at least ten times larger than that, Gazeta do Povo columnists Guilherme Fiuza and Rodrigo Constantino will comment not only on the interview but also on the excitement that it awakens and, if applicable, the role of the verification agencies in the tireless work of establishing the truth with a capital “v”.

The day after Bolsonaro’s interview, the Court of Justice Contas da União (TCU), in the figure of Minister Bruno Dantas, political patron of Renan Calheiros, condemned former attorney Deltan Dallagnol and former attorney general Rodrigo Janot to return R$2.8 million to the public coffers for irregularities in travel and of Operation Lava Jato. Theme of an incisive editorial by Gazeta do Povo, entitled “The day of infamy in the TCU”, the decision has consequences and could end the political ambitions of Dallagnol and Janot .

Finally, let’s scratch the record a little more today and talk about our dear Superior Federal Court. Oblivious to the world that surrounds them, the STF ministers played Paulo Guedes, played the piiiiiii, and decided to increase their salary by %. If the idea succeeds, it will have consequences for the economy, since the highest salaries of civil servants are linked to the salary of STF ministers, which can reach R$46 thousand, apart from the perks and privileges.

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