Bolsonaro and First Lady are received by King Charles III together with heads of state

Bolsonaro e Michelle na recepção de Charles III
First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro and President Jair Bolsonaro arrive at a reception event for King Charles III in London for heads of state and leaders of various nations this Sunday, ahead of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which will be held on Monday ( of September).| Photo: EFE

)18200002King Charles III received on Sunday afternoon (2000 ) at Buckingham Palace representatives from several nations in an event that is part of the funeral ceremonial for Queen Elizabeth II, who will be buried on Monday ()). President Jair Bolsonaro and First Lady Michelle were present. Hours earlier, they were also on vigil for the monarch’s body at the Palace of Westminster. Just before the presidential couple entered the palace, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau also entered.18200002

The president told reporters that he only greeted the king and expressed his regret at the loss. “There were a lot of people there, they treated us very well. Just condolences,” Bolsonaro said. He also signed, in an earlier stage of the ceremonial protocol, a book of condolences for the death of the queen.

They also signed the book Trudeau, US President Joe Biden, among other leaders. Earlier, in the morning, Bolsonaro spoke to supporters from the balcony of the Brazilian ambassador’s residence in London, but began the improvised speech remembering that he is in the country out of respect for the royal family and the British people.

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