Black Princess Launches Witbier For Summer With Pink Pepper And Very Low Bitterness – Full Glass

With one eye on the scorching heat approaching Brazilian summer, Black Princess launches Be.Witbier, which, as the name suggests, is a… more spiritual.

The traditional Belgian style is one of the most appreciated here and has Hoegaarden as its main representative. Extremely refreshing, white beer, also called white beer, has a wheat base, but unlike weiss, it includes coriander seeds and orange peel in its classic formula (two seconds of silence and prayer in thanks for the Belgian invention).

In the case of Be.Witbier, orange gives way to tangerine (or tangerine or tangerine, your choice) and adds a touch of pink pepper.

With an alcohol content of 4.8%, beer has only 8 IBU – bitterness scale that exceeds one hundred. For comparison, a traditional lager beer in India has around 50, 60 IBUs. The more hops, the more bitterness. Witbier, on the other hand, tends to have very low bitterness. Hoegaarden, for example, has 13; Vedett, another Belgian, has 10. But Black is even less bitter … within the margin of error, the institutes would say.

The new Black Princess label is seasonal, with a limited sale in the group’s e-commerce, Bom de Beer (, in a long neck version, for R $ 11.90. From the Rio-headquartered Petrópolis group, Black Princess also recently launched Braza Hops, a beer made from Brazilian hops, also available on the site.

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