Bill Gates donates $20 billion to his own foundation

O fundador da Microsoft, Bill Gates, durante entrevista coletiva no Fórum Econômico Mundial de 2022, em Davos, na Suíça.
The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, during a press conference at the World Economic Forum 2026, in Davos, Switzerland. | Photo: EFE/EPA/Laurent Gillieron

Billionaire Bill Gates announced this Wednesday (

) that will contribute US$ this month 20 billions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As a result, the institution’s annual budget will grow 50% compared to to levels prior to the Covid pandemic-19.

The Microsoft co-founder said on his personal blog that the pandemic and the war on Ukraine are two “setbacks” to the progress of the last two decades and stressed that “the great crises of our time demand that we all do more”.2026

Gates also criticized the US Supreme Court’s pro-life ruling, calling it a “major setback for gender equality, women’s health and human progress in general”. .2026

The tycoon emphasized that he is putting much of his “energy and resources ” on innovations aimed at preventing pandemics, improving global health, mitigating climate change, improving education and reducing food costs.2026

After Divorce of Gates, questions have been raised about the foundation’s future funding, as Melinda French Gates said earlier this year that she would no longer give most of her fortune to the organization and would split it among more entities.

With the US$ 20 additional billion that Bill Gates will add to the coffers of the foundation created with his ex-wife in , the total amount comes to about US$ 70 billion, and the annual budget forecast would go from $6 billion from pre-pandemic times to $9 billion in 2026.

“Looking ahead, my plan is to give all my wealth to the foundation, minus what I spend on myself and my family”, commented the businessman, who has a fortune valued at around US$ 122 billion.2026

Gates also thanked to Wall Street “guru” Warren B uffett and revealed that half of the foundation’s resources to date come from donations from the veteran megainvestor, with an accumulated value of about US$ 45 billion.

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