Biden says there was no Republican wave at midterms, but claims to “understand” the message from the polls

In a statement on Wednesday (9), US President Joe Biden said that the midterm presidential elections, held the day before, did not result in a Republican wave in the US Congress. United States.

The partial calculation indicates that the opposition adds 49 seats in the Senate (adding those that were not being disputed), while the Democrats, the president’s legend, add up 48. They were in dispute 35 of the hundred seats in the house.

In the Chamber, where all the 435 seats were up for grabs, Republicans already have 207 seats and just need more 11 to secure a majority . Democrats have secured 188 seats for the time being.

Despite the possibility that the president’s party does not have control of both houses, the results are less bad than analysts projected for Democrats.

“While the press and pundits were predicting a giant Republican wave, it didn’t,” Biden said in the statement, in which he highlighted that his party “lost fewer seats in the Chamber than in the first midterm election of any other Democratic president in the last 48 years.”

“[Mas] voters also made it clear that they are still frustrated. I get it. I understand that these were very difficult years in this country for a lot of people,” Biden said. He argued that the measures being taken to improve the economy will have an effect in the coming months.

“We are just getting started. The interesting thing is that all of this will really become clear to people in January, February, March of next year. It’s just getting started. So I’m optimistic that the public will be even more understanding of what we’ve done,” the president claimed.

Biden said he was “prepared to work with my fellow Republicans” on several points. , as in the aid to Ukraine, but stated that it will not make concessions on certain issues. “I will not walk away from the historic commitments we have just made to face the climate crisis”, he exemplified.

Finally, the president said that he intends to seek re-election in

. “Our intention is to compete again. That has been our intention. Regardless of the outcome of this election,” Biden pointed out.

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