Biden says considering declaring abortion-related public health emergency


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Biden na área externa da Casa Branca, na sexta-feira (8): presidente americano disse que pediu à sua equipe para verificar se ele possui “autoridade” para tomar a medida e quais seriam os impactos

Biden outside the White House, on Friday (8): US president said he asked his team to verify if he has “authority” to take the measure and what would be the impacts

| Photo: EFE/EPA/Chris Kleponis

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, said this Sunday () that is considering declaring a public health emergency related to abortion in the country.

The measure, whose purpose and scope were not detailed by the Democrat, would be a response to the decision of last month of the Supreme Court of the country that overturned a federal jurisprudence on the abortion of almost 24 years and returned to the American states the freedom to legislate on the subject as they prefer.

According to press information American, Biden was on his way to a bike ride near his home in Delaware when he stopped to speak with reporters.

Asked if he was considering declaring an emergency public health in relation to access to abortion, the president replied that he asked his team to verify if he has “authority” for this and what the impacts would be.

Biden, who is pro-abortion, has expressed support for protests by activists who share his opinion, as one held on Saturday (9) in the American capital, Washington.

“Keep protesting. Keep manifesting your position. This is extremely important”, he said.

Biden’s comments came two days after the US president signed an executive order aimed at expanding access to abortion in the country. However, the scope of these measures was unclear: US Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra is expected to report within a month and detail these actions.

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