Biden, Amazon, individual liberties: how Bolsonaro spoke at the Summit of the Americas

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) highlighted the bilateral meeting he had with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and praised Brazil as a protagonist on the international stage in a speech at the second plenary session of the Summit of the Americas, this Friday Friday () in Los Angeles (USA). He also defended individual freedoms, which are under “clear attack” around the world, and Brazil’s efforts to preserve the Amazon. He also mentioned the “relentless” search of the Brazilian State by the English journalist Dom Phillips and the indigenist Bruno Pereira, who have been missing in the Amazon region since last Sunday (5).

Throughout his speech, Bolsonaro made no direct mention of Russia, but highlighted his trip to the country earlier this year, where he went to discuss the purchase and ensure the shipment of Russian fertilizers to Brazil. The trip was criticized by political opponents and even the United States. At the time, the White House said that Brazil seemed “to be on the other side” from the “majority of the global community”.

In his speech at the Summit of the Americas, Bolsonaro said the trip was important not only for avoiding a food crisis “by guaranteeing access to fertilizers”. For him, it also allowed the country to play “a leading role in the search for international solutions in favor of food security”.

At the end of his speech, Bolsonaro highlighted the meeting he had with Biden at the Thursday (9) and defined the “experience” as “simply fantastic”. “I am amazed and believing in your words and what has been dealt with privately between us,” he declared. The Brazilian president said that the two stayed for 30 minutes “sitting at a distance of less than one meter and without a mask”.

Bolsonaro pointed out , also, having Biden’s sense of “a lot of sincerity” and willingness to solve “certain problems that are obviously beyond the full responsibility of each one of us”. The speech is a reference to the war in Ukraine and the concern of the United States regarding the conflict. “But together, we can look for alternatives to put an end to these conflicts. And I believe that everyone working in this way will achieve our goals, especially the American government”, he said.

What they explain the praise for Biden and the reference to relations with Russia

Referring to the trip he made to Russia and praising the meeting with Biden, Bolsonaro puts into practice a strategy developed by Itamaraty and by military for its foreign policy. The idea is to show that the balanced position adopted on the war in Ukraine is correct and that, unlike the critics, Brazil is not isolated from the world.

As Bolsonaro himself quoted when he said that Brazil played a “leading role” in the search for international solutions in favor of food security, the Brazilian foreign policy strategy is to elevate the country to a level of protagonism in the international debate that makes it possible to use political and diplomatic capital to defend different demands .

Among Brazil’s main claims is the accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The committee of ministers of the “rich countries club” approved this Friday (), without objections, the plan with the terms and conditions for entry of Brazil in the entity.

Other demands of Brazil are the reforms of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO ).

What Bolsonaro said about defending freedoms

In addition to praising Brazilian foreign policy, Bolsonaro also made different references to defending freedoms . For him, freedom, which includes freedom of expression, work and religious worship, contemplates the “most precious good for human beings”. The word was mentioned on five occasions by the president.

Bolsonaro took advantage of the speech to criticize opponents who, according to him, do not respect freedom of expression. “Currently, we see in Brazil and in part of the world a clear attack on individual freedoms for having a different opinion”, he declared. However, he did not fail to mention respect for democracy.

“I leave here a message of Brazil’s commitment to the integration of the Americas, as a prosperous and democratic continent. Brazil remained present in the hemispheric and regional forums working for democracy, freedom and economic and social prosperity”, he highlighted.

The president also made clear his government’s position against abortion and in favor of the family. “In this year in which Brazil celebrates 200 years of independence, we affirm that we have a government that believes in God, respects its military, is favorable to life since its conception, defends the family and owes loyalty to its people,” he said. “In Brazil, it is already understood that freedom is a greater good than life itself, because a man and woman without freedom have no life”, he added.

What Bolsonaro said about the Amazon at the Summit of the Americas

On the disappearance of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Pereira, Bolsonaro said that, since he became aware of the disappearance, the Armed Forces and the Federal Police (PF) ) “have excelled in the relentless pursuit of the pursuit” of both. “We ask God that they are found alive”, he emphasized.

When talking about the Amazon and environmental preservation, Bolsonaro said that the country is one of the countries that most preserves the environment and its forests. According to him, the country has the “cleanest and most diversified energy matrix in the world”. And that, even preserving 66% of native vegetation and using only 27% of the territory for livestock and agriculture , Brazil is a sustainable agricultural power.

“We do not need the Amazon region to expand our agribusiness. Only in the Amazon biome, 84% of the forest intact, harboring the greatest biodiversity on the planet”, he commented. Bolsonaro said the challenges in the Amazon are “proportionate” to the size of the region, which equates to “all of Western Europe”.

The Brazilian president said that no country in the world has such environmental legislation ” complete and restrictive” and also highlighted that the Forest Code should serve as an example for other countries. “After all, we are responsible for the emission of less than 3% of the planet’s carbon, even though we are the th economy in the world”, he commented.

Bolsonaro said that his government has strengthened the fight against deforestation and established operations under the coordination and control of the Ministry of Justice for the protection of forests. He also commented that, with the launch of the Zero Methane program, Brazil was the first country to implement commitments assumed during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP-27 ).

The Methane Zero program proposes specific funding to structure projects for the treatment of organic waste from animals, sugar cane and sanitary landfills, in order to reduce 30% of total methane emissions in Brazil.

The president also praised the country as a pioneer in the energy transition. According to Bolsonaro, “decarbonization” began in Brazil almost half a century ago with biofuels and other renewable energy sources. “In 2021, we broke records for energy installation”, he commented.

“Today, 85% of the energy generated in Brazil comes from renewable sources. We have a potential for surplus production of wind energy at sea in the order of 700 gigawatts (GW), equivalent to four times our current installed capacity”, he said, citing the country’s potential to become a major exporter of green hydrogen and ammonia.

“The wind farms on the coast of our Northeast will be able to produce hydrogen and green ammonia for export. fossil fuels, Brazil assumes a fundamental role as a supplier of totally clean energy, towards a new emission-neutral economy”, said the Brazilian president.

Hydrogen is a fuel that requires a large amount of energy. energy to be produced. If the process of producing this hydrogen does not make use of energy sources harmful to the environment, it is given the name of “hydro green ogen”. Brazil intends to use the energy obtained from offshores (wind energy generated from structures installed at sea) to produce this hydrogen fuel.

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