Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana OTT release date: When and where to watch this thriller starring Shiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana OTT Release Date 

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana is set to premiere on Aha Video on 22 March 2024.

In addition to adding a throbbing backdrop to the picture, the musical soundtrack composed by Sricharan Pakala, which also features contributions by Vijai Bulganin, also serves to elevate the suspense and drama. In order to create a captivating viewing experience, the technical aspects, such as the cinematography of Goutham G and the editing of Gary BH, contribute to the enhancement of the visual and narrative flow simultaneously.

The film’s pacing suffers from an excessively liberal runtime, particularly in the first half of the picture, where the narrative occasionally feels drawn out. This is despite the fact that the film’s central premise is intriguing and that its performances are good. It is possible that the viewers would have had a more captivating experience if the editing had been more focused and more precise.

When and Where to Watch Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana

You can watch this thriller on 22 March 2024, on Aha Video.

In the film Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana, which was directed by Purushotham Raaj, Shiva Kandukuri plays the title character, and Raashi Singh plays the role of the supporting female character. A exciting detective thriller that is loaded with mythical references is woven throughout the film, with the primary focus being on the traditional concept of “disti bomma” and the unsettling connotations it carries. The tale that Raaj presents is a dark thriller that deftly blends elements of cult and mythology, offering a novel approach to the detective genre.

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In the film “Chusi Choodangane,” the producer Raj Kandukuri, who had previously produced a number of Telugu films that have achieved widespread acclaim, presented his son Shiva Kandukuri in the role of a leading actor. Shiva Kandukuri is still able to secure a few possibilities as a lead actor and has announced a few movies, despite the fact that the movie was not successful in offering the public any form of entertainment.

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Movie Story

Bhaskar Narayana, played by Shiva Kandukuri, has one and only one goal in life, and that is to advance his career as a well-known investigator. There is a string of murders that take place in his town, and the peculiar thing about them is that the perpetrator leaves one-of-a-kind dolls at the scene of each death. Bhaskar takes matters into his own hands and makes a concerted effort to explore the matter. As he delves deeper into the investigation, he arrives at the realization that the murders are connected to his life in some unknown way. Can you explain that connection? Is there a serial killer out there? Moreover, how did Bhaskar figure out the missing piece? If you want to know the answers, you should view the movie on a large screen.

Cast and crew of Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana

Shiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh, Shafi, Sivannarayana, Kalpalatha, Roopalakshmi, Ambati Sreenu, Chaitanya Sagiraju, Satya Srinivas, Prabhakar, Venkatesh Kakumanu, Divija, Pranavi, Kamal, Gururaj, Surabhi Santosh, Jabardasth Rajamouli, and Paul Ramu are some of the people who worked on the project. Purushitham Raam was in charge. Snehal Jangala, Shashidhar Kasi, and Karthik Mudumbi are in charge of making this movie. The music for this movie was done by Vijai Bulganin and Sricharan Pakala.

Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana OTT release date

It is Shiva Kandukuri who takes the initiative and ensures that his role is played in a manner that is highly convincing. Shiva’s performance in each of his films continues to improve, and he demonstrates his talent in every scene that is connected to his track in the second portion of the film. Shiva has put a lot of effort into improving his diction and body language, and as a result, he is feeling more at ease in front of the camera and performing. His performance in Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana demonstrates the tranquility that he presently possesses.

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The female lead, Rashmi Singh, is a standout performer. Despite the fact that she has a very little screen presence, the young actors manage to keep your interest. This piece of music was composed by Sricharan Pakala, and his background music is pretty outstanding. The film is elevated to a higher level, particularly by the score that is played during the pre-climax and the climax. The graphics and set work in the film are used to create a genuine atmosphere, which contributes to the film’s exceptionally excellent production design.

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